Time Attendance and Biometric Access Control Solutions

DLT offers end to end Access Control and Time attendance solution including high quality Access Control/Time attendance devices from Korean based manufacturer Virdi along with in-house developed various Time attendance reporting software integrated with Access Control/Time Attendance devices. Our devices support Biometric, RFID and Face Recognition etc.


Our offerings

Biometric, Face Recognition, RFID

Use various Access Control devices/Time attendance models for secure authentication of employees using Fingerprint scanning, Face recognition or RFID card authentication. We support short distance RFID technologies (125 kHz and 13.56 mHZ). We provide supply, installation, maintenance of these devices along with door-lock installation for access control. Our in-house developed various time attendance software versions integrates with these devices to generate proper time attendance reports based on shift information.


Windows and Web-based Solution

We offer Windows and web based time attendance solution integrated with Virdi, ZK and Suprema devices. Our solution can also be integrated with third party HR and payroll software.

Want to know more?

We have perfected an intuitive access control management system that tracks information in near to real time. The main benefit for your organization is that productivity and security are increased while time investment comes down.

It is a centralized access control system that collects data systematically for administrative and security purposes. It lets you create customized reports.


Use Cases

  • Contracting companies

    To track attendance of employees in remote locations.

  • Facilities Management companies

    For tracking employees deployed at client locations and generating accurate reports for tracking billable hours.

  • Manufacturing Units

    For tracking attendance of workers at remotely located factories.

  • Large Corporates

    Enable mobile phones as ID cards and Access cards for capturing attendance and access control.