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What are the Advantages of an NFC Access Control Solution?


Near field communication (NFC) is not a new technology. It has been around since 2002 when Sony and Philips perfect a new technology specification based on radio frequency identification (RFID). However, it is only recently that companies have begun to take notice of it. These companies include big names, such as the IBM, Google, Visa, and Samsung. They are exploring how NFC can make the task of doing business easier. Till date most of these companies have been working on Mobile Payments using NFC technology. Though Mobile Payments is a big industry, there are other ways NFC technology can have a big impact on our daily lives and one of the potential use is in the Access Control Industry. This blog looks at five advantages of using an NFC access control:

(a) Mobile Phone as Access Card/ID Card

NFC Based Access Control Solution allows you to use one’s mobile phone as an Access Card and an ID card. This not only eliminates the need for your employees to carry access cards along with numerous other cards but also enables the solution to be scalable to include various other features like a company payment account and also as a message board for your HR administrator. Once setup, employees can use their mobile phones for daily tasks such as access to their premises, network access, identification, and attendance through their smart devices - phones or tablets.

(b) Simple to use

NFC based access control solutions do not require complicated hardware installations. It is simple to set up and extremely user friendly. In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that NFC based access control Solutions is extremely cost effective, highly flexible and scalable.

(c) Scalable

 NFC based Access control solutions can be used in large and small companies. It is ideal for growing businesses, which have increasing security needs. They can be used at a small mom-and-pop store as well as at large multi location multi office corporations.

(d) Cost Effective

NFC is a cost effective security solution. The hardware costs involved in an NFC based solution are minimal as they use the cloud to host the entire solution. Therefore, businesses do not have to spend money on a dedicated IT infrastructure and maintenance teams. An NFC system takes care of security, payroll, and employee log requirements singlehandedly; thereby, saving money.

NFC is a developing technology. Dubai has already seen its use in public transport. It is now the turn of businesses. NFC provides low cost, scalable, simple to use, and mobile identification based access control systems.