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Membership and Loyalty

Membership Loyalty Solution

Proximity Technologies based membership and Loyalty Program

If you are looking for developing a long standing professional relationship with your clients and keep them engaged by offering them attractive reward points then mAccess Expand is the right solution for you. With a powerful yet simple combination of the modern technologies like NFC, BLE, Mobile App and Cloud based Web App we help you to create a loyalty solution which is tailor-made to suit your client needs. Extremely cost-effective and easy to deploy, this solution is ideal for restaurants, coffee shops, retailers, clubs, sports centers, gyms and anyone planning to build a mobile-based loyalty program.

Our solution has backend web management portal to manage all membership and loyalty related features. Members will receive NFC enabled membership card for loyalty program. Or optionally they can download member application which will act as membership card. They can use inbuilt NFC functionality of Smartphone or QR code scanner. We also support loyalty based on Bluetooth Low energy where points will be distributed based on attendance at particular location on detection of iBeacons/Eddystone beacons


Major features:

  • Membership database management for enrolling and managing your customers
  • Membership expiration and payment management
  • Loyalty reward points management to reward your loyal customers
  • Reward point redeem management
  • NFC/QR Code/BLE based loyalty program
  • Member Attendance tracking
  • To promote upcoming events/programs among Members as well as non-members
  • Member Mobile Application
  • Sending Push notifications to Member mobile application
  • Use of Bluetooth Low energy, Geofence for sending notifications
  • Does away with the hassles of carrying a physical card thereby making the loyalty program more effective, in case Mobile App based loyalty program
  • Any many more

Please call us for a demo or for a discussion to help you in increasing your customer loyalty and organisation profitability.