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NFC Solutions

Dubai leading technologies(DLT) is taking the next step and expanding its product and its service catalog. DLT is now working on Near Field Communication(NFC) and providing NFC products and solutions in UAE market.


what is nfc?

Near Field Communication or NFC is a cool wireless technology for Smartphones and Similar devices to share information by touching each other. NFC requires a distance of 4 cm or less for communication and operates at 13.56 Mhz.

Mobile users explore new side of their smart phones with help of NFC. NFC has simplicity in daily life with its endless innovative uses for mobile users e.g. to access digital content instantly, get loyalty coupons, make a purchase, share digital content and much more.

nfc use cases

The beauty of NFC technology depends on user's creativity and imagination that how a user wants to use it. NFC is based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) but in a more advance way with two-way communication capabilities, interactive approvals and the ability to enable payments through NFC enabled Smart Phones.

While everyone is focusing on mobile payments when it comes to NFC devices, the fact is the technology can be used to trigger all sorts of other actions. NFC tags that can be placed around the house, car, or work place and programmed to start various location-based actions on the phone. All you have to do is bring the phone in the proximity of the tag to activate it and trigger the kind of actions you want to happen in a certain location. NFC technology can be used to share data between NFC-ready devices, including contact, calendar, websites and others.

NFC Readers are active device to read an NFC tag or to communicate with other NFC devices & NFC phones. Various companies (like ACS Technology and Arygon) around the world are providing NFC readers. These readers can be connected to PC with USB connection to make them NFC capable and carry out NFC tags or device communication. NFC has innovative use in marketing, Retail environments, access control, product authentication, Loyalty apps, ticketing, and transportation.

why nfc?

Easy to use and fast communication
Innovative use everywhere
Better customer engagement
Enables real time management
Redue manual efforts and cost effective
Highly secure and reduce frauds

Consumer Impact & Benefits


Business can get better customer engagement with help of NFC technology because it just requires a touch that is fast and easy. Marketing efforts of any business can be analyzed and justified with help of NFC technology so it provides better Return on Investment.

For the marketer this means not just connecting and engaging with visitors better, but an opportunity to also capturing visitor behaviour and preferences real-time in the real-world. The fact that this technology also integrates promotion with the point of sale, thus allowing interested visitors to make a purchase instantly may just make this the holy grail of marketers in the coming days.