Software Customization and Integration

One of the major issues faced by organizations today is Customization and Integration of payroll processes and systems. Many organizations use different solutions for different processes. To process key information and to generate accurate analytics, integration of different solutions being used within the organization is a pre-requisite.

We help organizations in customization and integration of payroll software solutions across different platforms and software. We also aid organizations in integrating our payroll and Time Attendance software solutions within their existing systems to ensure smooth integration.

Consultancy Services

We offer Consultancy Services to SME's in automating their Payroll and Time Attendance functions. With the vast experience and expertise that we have acquired in the process of helping over 150 of our customers, we provide a holistic view of the solutions required - incorporating both the software and hardware systems – to transform the reigning manual process into a highly productive automated process.

We act as the systems integrator, combining all the parts and processes to ensure a smooth functioning of the workforce management solution.

After a careful consideration of the clients' requirements and budgets, we suggest the ideal solution and undertake the critical task of finding the ideal components of the solution and integrating it to suit the requirements of the clients.

Service and Support Solutions

Our post sales support guarantees peace of mind to our clients. We strive in every way and put in all possible efforts to meet and match our clients' expectations.

We are ready to payback our clients in case we do not meet the service levels expected of us. In providing after sales service and support, we go the extra mile to ensure a smooth operation of the system to save your valuable time – because we understand that 'time is money'.

We take pride in our service and support team as they are with us from the time of inception of the organization.

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