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mAccess VMS

Event Management Tracking and Management System

Are you looking for new ways to impress your visitors at your events?

Would you like to display the name, a image or a short video of every visitor as soon as he or she enters your show?

o you think your visitors will appreciate if they find what they want as soon as they enter your event?

If you have said “yes” to any of the above, then mAccess VMS is for you.

mAccess VMS

mAccess VMSis an event visitor tracking and management solution. It keeps your visitors engaged with your business during and after your show.
  • mAccess VMS is trade show organizers and event managers’ dream come true who can use it to:
  • • Display customized multimedia welcome messages.
  • • Track visitors during and after the event.
  • • Impress visitors with multimedia displays.
  • Training program and conference organizers can use mAccess VMS to:
  • • Track attendance.
  • • Share materials.
  • • Increase engagement.
Here’s how it works at trade shows and events

A visitor enters

He or she registers at entrance, receives NFC card/wristband and taps on NFC readers installed at event

Our solution displays a customized audio-visual welcome message or shares marketing material or track attendance

Detailed reports are produced after the event is over

  • It functions more or less in the same way at training programs and conferences:
  • • A trainee enters and taps his or her smartphone on the main door.
  • • Conference agenda or course content is downloaded onto his phone.
  • • The smartphone is tapped at the end of the conference or training session.