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About Solution

Our Front Office Visitor Management Solution allows organizations to easily manage or track incoming/outgoing visitors in their offices. Our front office solution also allow management and tracking of incoming/outgoing items, couriers, calls etc. Front office solution provides quick person search from Company employees as well as visitors. This solution also provides Gate Pass generation and management.

Our solution will help any organization to streamline their front office related work and improve efficiency among their front office employees. It will help in better visitor management at reception as well as smooth communication from front office. Our solution is based on Client-server architecture and developed using Any organization can easily use multiple client versions with separate user rights. Our Front office solution is also integrated with our Time Attendance and Payroll solution. Organization can get this software either as standalone or along with Time Attendance or Payroll.


Major features:

  • Incoming/Ourgoing Visitors tracking and management
  • Gate Pass generator
  • Emirates ID card reading capability (using contact reader)
  • Visitor Address Book and search features
  • Tracking of Incoming/Outgoing Courier, Calls from Front Office
  • Powerful Reproting and Facility to Export Report in Excel, PDF, CSV formats
  • And many more features