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  • New Generation of light-weight power stations are portable and can use solar power for easy charging.

A new generation of sustainable power stations has been developed by EcoFlow, and is available through Dubai Leading Technologies, with the product range ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, camping lovers, drone enthusiasts and electric vehicle owners, as well as those wanting power back-up within the home.

EcoFlow’s DELTA 1300 Power Station represents the new standard of battery-powered eco-friendly generators. Compatible with a wide range of devices, it can stay powered for hours whenever and wherever, and unlike gas generators, which require annual maintenance, Delta will hold its charge for a year. While gas generators emit carbon monoxide and can be dangerous to use in a closed space, the Delta’s only emissions are a quiet hum and a small amount of heat. Charging can be done via traditional ports or via solar panels, taking just four hours, or via a 12/24v car port, just ten hours. The Power Station is also suitable as a home back-up power source in the event of electricity failures or to power outdoor equipment. The large inverter load enables DELTA 1300 to power most home appliances and heavy-duty DIY tools under 1800W (3300W Surge, Pure Sine Wave) with 1260Wh capacity

EcoFlow’s RIVER 600, is DELTA’s highly portable compact cousin, offering many of the same features. This is a flexible lithium-ion battery generator, which, with its unprecedented modular design, elevates the portable power station to a whole new level of performance and efficiency. It boasts a battery capacity of 288Wh and a surge capacity of 1200W, remarkable for a generator of this size (the battery capacity defines how long a device can run on this station while the surge capacity defines the maximum power (in watts) it can provide). The River 600 is designed with a transformative 600W inverter with X-Boost technology, so when connected to the RIVER 600 MAX Extra Battery offering over 500 lifecycles, the power station doubles its capacity while retaining its portability.

RIVER 600 is compatible with the majority of solar panels on the market, as long as the voltage of the solar panel is within the range of 11V-25V. EcoFlow offers a compatible 60Watt solar panel, which is created from the most efficient monocrystalline silicon cells, making it lightweight for easy transporting. It can also be charged through a traditional AC outlet with one or two 60W chargers, a full charge taking between four to seven hours.

EcoFlow’s DELTA and RIVER 600 power stations are distributed through UAE-based Dubai Leading Technologies, and are available to purchase at all Adventure HQ retail outlets across the UAE. For further information, visit or call: +97143978880

For further press information or to arrange a product review of DELTA 1300 or RIVER 600, please contact: Lisa Drury at Lisa Drury Consulting on 0528616717 or mail:

Editors’ Notes

EcoFlow was founded in 2017 by entrepreneurs who emerged from a leading drone developer where they had worked to perfect the drone battery to be lightweight, long-lasting and, most importantly, powerful.Now, EcoFlow leverages this knowledge and experience to build products that are thoughtful in design, creating industry-first, smart and powerful energy storage products. EcoFlow strives to reinvent the way people everywhere access power. EcoFlow’s product lines of DELTA and RIVER series power stations equip the consumer with clean, quiet and renewable power for life adventures, work and home backup power.