A complete data platform engineered for portfolio intelligence in the real estate and facilities management sectors


An AI based operations automation platform, specific to the Real Estate/Property Maintenance Sectors, Facilio is the world’s only data-driven building operations and maintenance platform for this sector.

Offering a simple to use holistic dashboard representing a variety of functions and operations, this advanced platform also provides comprehensive data and analysis features thus providing insight that creates operational and commercial benefits.

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Facilio IoT Edge

This app allows monitoring of Sales/Services employees based on their Check In/Out at various location using this mobile app. It also records GPS location of employees. We have both Android and


Facilio surfaces and unifies building data to fuel a suite of SaaS applications for


Facility & Maintenance Management

Boost efficiency by bringing context, flexibility and mobility yo our building maintenance and asset lifestyle management across your portfolio


Property Management

Maximise the value of your built environment by streamlining your property management with a single integrated solution


Workspace Management

Personalise comfort & experience, drive smart workplace solutions


Fault Detection & Diagnostics

Fine tune consumption, drive ECM projects and accurately meet goals


Sustainability Management

Get real-time building performance insights, manage ECMs granularly, and drive energy efficiency programs. Predict inefficiencies through ML modelling and drive continuous sustainability.


Enterprise BMS

Level up legacy BMS and pave the path for new improvements