Access Control Solution

The traditional lock-and-key security system might be the most used access control solution in Dubai, but it is not without its faults. Your business deserves better.

We help you make your home and business in Dubai, the UAE, and the GCC more secure with mAccess, mAccessV, and mAccessTA access control security solutions that make your place impregnable to intruders.

Our security systems step up security and simplify administration. They are based on NFC-enabled devices that store identification information on a chip and eliminate the need to carry multiple tags or remember several access codes.

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Proximity Technology Solutions

NFC-powered proximity technology solutions make your business safer for your employees and more attractive to your clients.

Schools, hotels, and event managers can use proximity technologies to control who has access to their premises or vehicles. Parents can use them to monitor school and school bus attendance of their children.

NFC-powered proximity solution enables your clients to pay with the tap of their phone and allow you to interact with your customers in innovative ways.

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Solution Development Services

Dubai Leading Technologies offers customized solutions for mobile, web, and NFC mobile app development for large businesses and small and medium enterprises in Dubai.

The days of in-house, massive IT infrastructure are behind us. The future lies with smartphones and we help you get ready for that future.

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Components of our solution

We provide state-of-the-art Workforce Automation, Commercial Security Solutions and Customized software solutions.