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Why UAE Businesses Should Use NFC?


The year 2013 witnessed remarkable progress in the diffusion of information technology in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The country became one of the few places in the world – and the first Arab country – where people could use NFC cards to access the public transport system.

In the last month of the year, the Emirates Identity Authority announced the people could renew their IDs through NFC. This was a spectacular achievement. It is expected to save Dh120 million. There were plenty of other developments that are poised to make NFC tags ubiquitous in UAE. The rapid rise in the use of NFC applications in UAE presents challenges and opportunities for companies.

NFC CardsCompanies that want to grow and prosper during coming years have already started embracing NFC solutions to save money and improve efficiency. While a few companies are accepting NFC cards with open arms, a lot of businesses remain woefully unprepared for a vastly different future. There are still there are plenty of misconceptions about NFC.There are still a number of businesses who remain unconvinced as to how they can benefit from NFC solutions.

 This article lists four ways in which businesses in the UAE can benefit by implementing NFC solutions in their organizations.


  • (a) Electronic wallet

    NFC cards make payments easier. Your customers do not have to take out their credit card every time they purchase from you. They can tap their smartphone against a conveniently placed card to pay. Businesses will not have to deal with the hassle of grumbling customers who can’t locate change in their wallet. NFC can deal with micro payments extremely well.

  • (b) Security

    NFC cards are more secure than credit cards. The deal between you and your customers remain anonymous to hackers and unwanted listeners. The short range of NFC tags makes them a very secure method to make and accept payments.

  • (c) More educated consumers

    You can educate consumers about your product or service by placing a single tag at an appropriate location. Your customers can access prices, advantages, user guides and plenty of other information with a single tap of their phone. NFC tags are easier to use as they do not scan and process and images (QR), or ask a password first (Bluetooth).

  • (d) Smoother shopping experience

    The UAE is investing heavily into the diffusion of NFC. The infrastructure for NFC is getting better with every passing day. You can use this infrastructure to your advantage and use NFC to improve shopping experience. You customers will not have to reach out for their credit card to pay. They can use their smartphone to make calls, browse the internet, use public transport, and pay you. It all fits together very well

NFC is an emerging technology. The UAE is creating a robust infrastructure for NFC. It is here to stay. Businesses in UAE can benefit from NFC by making it a part of their business.