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What are the advantages of a web-based time tracking software?


Time theft and idleness cost U.S. companies $400 billion a year. Although the data for UAE are not available, one can assume that it is an equally grave problem in U.A.E. A web-based time tracking software can combat some employees’ habit of coming late or leaving early--without straining human resources departments and increasing employee costs.


Productivity suffers when individuals do not show up on time and leave before office hours are over. Usually owners and supervisors are too occupied with business affairs to keep a correct record of attendance--or the time spent around the water cooler. Time Attendance Software can be of immense help here in putting an end to unproductive behavior.


A tracker unobtrusively notes when an employee is coming to work and leaving the office and stores this data in the cloud--where it is accessible from any device with an internet connection and security (username and password) information. The data helps in controlling unproductive behavior as well as helps in creating accurate payroll thereby controlling costs and enhancing productivity.


When payroll rewards productive behavior, or vice versa, employees are motivated to come and leave on time. It has an additional benefit of keeping the morale of punctual workers high--as they see their efforts and diligence being recognized. In other words, an attendance system can make slackers change their behavior--which is good news for the company--and ideal employees become more productive.


The list of advantages does not start and end with increased productivity. It is long. Businesses using a time attendance system in Dubai can improve their security and improve employee satisfaction.


An attendance system, together with biometric or NFC data collection devices, can be used to control employee access to certain areas of a building. A time tracking system coupled with NFC is an effective method to track employee moment in a premise. Tracking has twofold benefits: (a) it helps reduce costly liabilities. (b) And data on employee location is crucial during emergency. With the use of a tracker, employee satisfaction goes up because quality software guarantees meticulous time recording and accurate pay.


Time Attendance System Dubai


The best part is that Dubai and U.A.E. businesses can install such time and attendance systems without breaking their bank if they opt for a web-based software. Cloud systems are quicker to install and less costly to operate. In other words, a web-based time tracker saves you money while increasing productivity, security, and employee satisfaction in your organization.