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What is the Future of NFC in Dubai?


 Mobile phones have grown beyond their functions they were designed for; namely to send and receive phone calls and text messages. The latest generations of smart-phones are more powerful at computation than the computer that put American astronauts on the moon. Complementing this incredible power, are ranges of wireless technologies; one of which is near-field communication, or NFC.

Future of NFC

NFC is an old technology that is used to transfer small amounts of data over short distances. Many modern smart-phones - particularly those made by Samsung and other Android-phone manufacturers are enabled with NFC.


What does it mean for an average business in Dubai?

A lot. The metro system in Dubai has already started using NFC tags--and wider adoption is poised to take place in the next decade.


This Blog lists a few ways in which NFC marketing solutions can change the face of Dubai in the next few years, given the focus of Dubai Government for becoming a smart city:

●         Say “adieu” to paper currency


NFC can make Dubai a cashless society. No, it won’t make the emirate poor. It will relieve people of the need to carry their wallets everywhere. NFC-enabled devices will function as electronic cash devices. In other words, within a few years, businesses and individuals can be tapping their smart-phones at payment gateway kiosks, instead of fumbling for cash. Such a system will result in massive savings for businesses. Major mobile manufacturers are aware of the importance of this technology. It is one big reason they are launching NFC enabled devices in large numbers.


●         Hi “creative marketing!”

NFC tags are small and thin. They can be easily integrated into roadside signboards, movie posters, and even grave stones. The tags carry a small amount of data. The data can be a URL or a simple instruction (code). On tapping a smartphone to the tag, the code gets activated and emits an instruction for the smart device.

For business, it opens the door to creative advertising. For instance, cinemas can choose to embed NFC tags in movie posters, so that when a cinemagoer sees a poster and taps it, he or she enjoys the trailers of the movie or avail a discount or some other surprise. The surprise can be a picture, or even a chance to win a dinner with the cast of the movie. This is a refreshing new way to engage with consumers - without inundating them with data.

NFC is expanding. It is poised to change the face of marketing and cash transactions in Dubai in the next few years. It is time for businesses to prepare themselves for the change.