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Why Do You Need Access Control?


As a business expands, so does the need for security and proper management of access to employees and visitors. The need for Access control becomes more acute as business grows and becomes bigger and profitable. Latest generation Access control solutions currently available in the market allow businesses to take control of their security and access management needs through a systematic and organized process.

But what is access control?

Access control as its name implies is a system that controls access. It is a combination of hardware devices that allows or denies access to certain Access Controlareas of building on need basis. As organizations in UAE grow and expand their business, access control devices have become an absolute necessity. Not only do they protect the organizations against theft of physical goods but also ensure security of intellectual property. These systems are not only an effective security barrier against theft but also crucial for other health and safety reasons since organizations can pin point any individuals presence to a particular area in the organization.

How does access control work?

The components of Access Control are – Control, Monitor and restrict. Keeping these fundamentals in mind, Access control solutions work using the following criteria

●         Identification

It starts with identification of individuals - the first step in making access control effective. In fact, the weakest link in most access control systems is poor identification. A vaguely defined group of users does not contribute to the system’s safety. Strong and unique identification makes for strong and effective systems.

●         Authentication

Authentication of the individual is done through various methods and the common ones used in the market are Biometrics (Fingerprint scanning, Retina Scanning, Face Recognition, Vein scanning), PIN (Password Identification Number), Secure Access Cards.  These authentication methods ensures that only the right person is allowed access to a particular area at particular times.

●         Authorization

Authorization involves a set of procedures to make sure the authenticated identity has the necessary rights and privileges. For instance, with access control you can make sure the people from inventory do not have access to research facilities. An access control system helps you in this by identifying a person and then checking its authorization status to let him or her enter a building or room.

Importance of access control in UAE

Controlling who can get into your business premises is important for security, health, and safety reasons. For instance, if an employee works during nights, access control devices make sure he or she enters and leaves the building at the allotted time.

It is not an exaggeration to say that access control systems are absolutely essential for businesses with a lot of foot traffic. When many people come in and out of a premise, it becomes really hard to pinpoint a person when something goes wrong. Access control can protect businesses against these unwanted and unpleasant scenarios.