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Seven Reasons to Use NFC attendance Systems


Attendance, attendance, and attendance. It is a cumbersome task for employers to track attendance of their employees. It is particularly true today, where many businesses are outsourcing most of their non-core tasks. How does one ensure attendance without taxing one’s resources heavily? The answer is to be found in technology.

A time attendance app or a mobile attendance system shows a way to create a credible attendance system. Such a system tracks employees attendance automatically, stores data, and keeps the data available for quick review. For businesses, it is smart option to go for a web based time attendance system because such a system does not require a huge investment in IT infrastructure. It is even better if NFC attendance system is used.

NFC-enabled, web based time attendance systems make attendance hassle-free. Here is a rundown of more reasons why they make the best tool for tracking employees’ attendance:

·       Compatibility - These systems are compatible with Android phones and tablets

·       Accessibility - They are accessible from anywhere

·        Security - Cloud storage eliminates the threat of data loss due to accidents

·       Quick implementation - Web based solutions need either no install, or very small installs

·       Offsite tracking - Offsite tracking makes them useful in many businesses

·       Affordable - These trackers are affordable

·       Credible - NFC enabled trackers are less prone to buddy punching. They are immune to cheating when they are used with biometrics systems

NFC time attendance systems are a budget friendly and effective system to manage employees’ attendance.