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Benefits Of Access Cards In Access Control System


Access Cards or Smart cards along with Access Control Systems are the latest technological innovation in Facilities Management world. Access control systems and Access cards are an absolute must if you need to know who is in your premises, when and where at any given point of time as well as managing access rights to the right person for the right location.


Some of the key benefits of Access cards for Access Control are

-         Higher levels of security, as you can manage access to the right person for the right location.

-         Access Cards can be used for multiple applications like Physical Access, Access to IT hardware, Time Attendance etc.,

-         Potential Use of access cards are Internal Loyalty and Membership programs, use of access card as a cash card within the company premises.

-         High security as access cards can carry digital signature and can be encrypted.

-         Access card technology can be made future proof due to its capability to adapt to different technologies.

-         Secure Access cards are difficult to duplicate or clone.

-         Access Cards are completely customizable for every user and organization.


Access Card or Smart card is used in various industries. Commonly used in access control systems, Public Transit systems, Computer security systems, Schools and Health care industry.

Commonly access cards are of two types, Contact cards and contactless cards. Contact cards have a contact area of approximately 1 square centimeter. Contact cards need to be used in conjunction with a reader. Contactless cards require only proximity to an antenna to communicate.

Access Cards or Smart cards use various technologies to communicate. Common technologies used are RFID, NFC, Magnetic Strip and Chip Based cards. All technologies are complementary and have their specific purpose and industries.

An investment in an access cards controlled security system is an effective method to protect your building, assets, and staff. RFID cards limit access of unwanted guests into the premises. They do it without making it inconvenient for regular employees to do their work. Proximity cards make sure that the closed doors open only when a person comes with a valid access card. It makes it impossible for unauthorized individuals to gain access into the premises.

Access cards are versatile and flexible. Administrators can give different employees dissimilar access rights. They can limit employees’ access to their departments, or they can limit employees’ access to the company during particular hours.

What kind of access control system offers best security?

It depends on the security you desire. Dubai Leading Tech offers access control systems with varying strengths and security levels. You can visit the store to learn more about the options on table. If you find the options numerous, the technicians at Dubai Leading Tech will help you take a right decision.