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Merits of Using Biometric Access Control Systems for Offices/Enterprises


One of the earliest instances of biometric fingerprints are found in 1892’s Argentina, where a police officer, Juan Vucetich, used thumb impression as part of criminal verification. The technology was primitive. Yet, Vucetich showed the way. A hundred years later, biometric access control is a powerful method to secure premises. Fingerprint scanners, retina scanner, Vein scanner, and touch less biometric fingerprint scanners are part of biometric access control systems, which have come to dominate many sensitive buildings across the world. This blog looks at four key advantages of this system for offices and enterprises:

(a) Fool proof

Biometric access control is foolproof. Keys can be copied, tags can be hacked into, but it is near-to-impossible to replace one’s fingerprints or the shape of retina. Biometric control is more secure than most other security methods available in market. Its use is particularly strong in sensitive establishments, where large multinationals or government cannot afford a single breach - physical or virtual.

(b) Discipline

Buddy punching is a problem in large companies with multiple offices across various locations. It creates troubles for administrators and as well as increases payroll expenses. The issues are not all financial in nature. In emergency, it is important for rescue services to know how many people are inside. Buddy punching makes their task difficult. Biometric access control, on the other hand, enforces discipline and ensures that rescue workers know correctly during an emergency, how many people are inside a building.

(c) Economical

When compared with other access control solutions with similar levels of effectiveness, biometrics comes out to be an economical solution. The hardware costs involved are not high. This saves money. Businesses do not have to hire an army of guards, or pay security agency enormous sums, if they opt for biometric access control solutions. They are credible and dependable, yet economical.

(d) Security

This is one field where none comes close to biometrics. The security they provide is virtually unbreachable. It takes time to scan retina and fingers of employees. But, once it has been done, the whole process of security becomes very easy to implement.

Biometrics is an old technology. It is still developing, particularly in Dubai. It is high time businesses make use of this solution because it is secure, economical, and foolproof.