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Raising charity using NFC technology at Arab Media Forum event 2016

The Government of Dubai Media organised the “Walk for Good” initiative as a part of the The Arab Media Forum 2016. This was a CSR initiative of the Al Jalila Foundation to create awareness amongst the dignitaries by raising funds for medical research on cancer, cardiovascular diseases and obesity - three major health challenges in the region.

Arab Media Forum contacted us 1 week before the event and gave us a brief that they would like to create an impact during the ‘Walk for Good’ initiative for Al Jalila Foundation. The mandate was to set up NFC Kiosks linked to an LCD panel and a huge screen in the midst of the main arena. Every time a person walks 100 meters and taps on the Kiosk, a leaf had to bloom on the screen and the counter needed to indicate AED 170 per tap.

Given the time constraints and the sensitivity of the project, and also the stature of the event the entire top management of the organisation got involved in conceptualising, organising and implementing the entire initiative within a span of 7 days. The team was ready with all the necessary set up which included the hardware components, animation and software 2 days before the event to test run the entire initiative.

We provided NFC readers at the registration desk where the customised NFC wristbands were encoded and handed over to the delegates. As the delegates walked into the arena they had to tap their wristbands on the NFC scan stations. Upon tapping the LCD panel on the top of the station showed a leaf blooming on the tree with the amount contributed by Arab Media Forum to Al Jalila Foundation. Every tap was worth AED 170. The entire process of tapping, leaf blooming and counter indicating AED 170 per tap was managed by our customised back end software hosted on the cloud.



By the end of the program the Arab Media Forum contributed AED 1,001,640 to Al Jalila Foundation which was equivalent to 5,892 taps in 2 days.

The entire event created a lot of hype and was covered by the extensively by the media. The links are as below